E-MAIL  CONTACT   :     FRANK C.   AT            dirtman3325@gmail.com
OR BY CELL PH.   928 303 8474

Absolutely great for backpacking to remote areas or strapping on your A.T.V.
An addition to your prospecting arsenal
I built these with the idea anyone could afford this tool and find a gold bearing area with it.
=== $175.00 === Picked up here in Golden Valley AZ.
OR Will ship send me your zip code for shipping cost U.P.S. Insured
Contact me with an E-MAIL…………   dirtman3325@gmail.com
Or call me…….  Frank  C.      928-303-8474

Heres the details,
Weighs about 8 pounds
27 1/2 high when set up
12 1/2 wide
28 1/2 long when folded
9 3/4 high
12 1/2 wide

Natural wood finish.

Breaks down with 2 Thumbscrews
Fully self contained when folded riffle tray stays in position
3/8 x 3/4 expanded metal grizzly
1 plus gallon hopper
Adjustable metal slide gate
All Nyloc hardware no parts to lose
6 inch bellows stroke
long life bellows
Braided nylon pull rope w/handle suitable for a 6 footer to operate
1/8″ Metal screen backing on riffle tray.

These are perfect for sampling areas while out prospecting
for seasoned prospectors and folks new to the hobby.
For A.T.V’S  OR  Backpacking They are GREAT !!

CONTACT FRANK C. CELL 928 303 8474 OR E-MAIL dirtman3325@gmail.com

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